Key Lime Lip Balm

Key Lime Lip Balm Zesty burst of freshly cut limes. Top notes of freshly juiced oranges, Sicilian lemons and limes lead into a heart of fresh green aromatic herbs. Clean herbal pine and eucalyptus then take us to the base of oakmoss with a hint of incense.

Price: £5.00 for 10ml pot

Key Ingredients

Coconut Pod

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes from crushed copra, the dried meat of the kernels of the coconut. It has a long tradition amongst Asian & Pacific populations of being a 'cure for all illnesses' and the coconut palm, termed 'The Tree Of Life' is a highly valued source of nutrition & medicine.Coconut oil lathers readily and makes a fine cleanser.



As the structure of Jojoba Oil closely resembles human skin sebum, it has a natural affinity to our skin. An odourless, non-greasy oil, it penetrates the skin quickly nourishing all skin types – especially dry or mature skin. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax and as such it creates a breathable layer which protects the skin from the elements.

Macademia Nuts


Macadamia has a wonderful affinity for the skin. Due to its interesting Fatty Acid profile, this oil is fabulous for a dry, mature skin. It contains:- Palmitoleic considered vital for delaying skin and cell ageing; Oleic acid: this Fatty Acid gives Macadamia Nut Oil its fantastic regenerative and moisturizing properties. Linoleic acid: this is a wonderful fatty acid which helps to prevent transepidermal water loss from the skins delicate tissues.

Cocoa Pod

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is obtained from the seeds of the cocoa plant. It has a smooth texture and has excellent emollient properties making it ideal for skin care products where it prevents dryness and to moisturize the skin thereby improving elasticity.



Natural beeswax is used to help the plant oils and butters to solidify. It also creates a think top layer over the nourishing plant oils which acts as a windbreak to protect the lips.

Vitamin A and E

These are powerful antooxidents which help to protect the lips from the damaging effects of the elements.

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